Agios Georgios Corfu webcam from Afionas sky view camera

Agios Georgios Corfu webcam is a unique camera situated at the ZEUS THRONE RESORT in Afionas Village in north West Corfu. Where you can have aerial views of the bay of Agios Georgios and the path to Porto Timoni double bay in Afionas.

The path bellow this view that comes from the village is well walked and you can enjoy the view from the bay of Agios Georgios and a little later the view of the cape.
It is worth staying until late in this area to admire the sunset.


Zeus Trone Resort in Afionas Corfu Greece


Zeus throne resort, Corfu Greece webcam

The famous beach PORTO TIMONI is located next to the village of Afionas and it is a narrow strip of land that separates two of the most beautiful beaches of Corfu.
The waters are clear blue and the beaches are covered with pebbles. A peculiarity is that each beach has a different temperature so you can choose which of the two you will dive into.

This Webcam is Supported by Zeus Throne resort and
Many thanks to Corfu Wireless and DoIT Corfu for their contribution and ideal technical support!

Zeus Throne Resort

All day Bar-Restaurant.
Afionas, Corfu, Greece
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Afionas village is famous for being one of the oldest villages in Corfu. This small setlement is build on an elevated plateau hidden from the sea as during the last century it was impossible to live near the coast of this island due to pirates. The local ancestors who lived here were protected from sea invasions and could live a tranquil life as every home was build from native materials and was not visible by the sea. Therefore it remains still today as one of the most authentic small villages from Corfu.

The Porto Timoni double bay is one of the most popular places to see in Corfu.
It was a beach that used to be unknown to the mainstream tourist but nowadays it  became a must due to the rapid increase of the use of social media.

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