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If your business has a nice view near a beach or a busy place in Corfu with a panoramic view from a far of a natural landscape or location, share it with the rest of the world through Corfu Webcams.

Do not miss this opportunity, install a webcam and get in touch with millions of new customers!
Corfu Webcams will only accept and install sites we approve.
Send us a photo of the exact location you want to view (make sure the photo comes from a location where the webcam could be installed).
You will receive our reply as soon as possible.
The webcam requires a good ADSL or VDSL connection. The upload speed of 1000 kbps is enough to make your site stand out in good HD quality.
We offer best quality IP webcams that will broadcast your area and you will be able to view it through your own website with a simple and compatible video player.

Our service offers you the necessary equipment and livestreaming technology that requires very little bandwidth (0.6 bmps).
The point where the camera will be placed should provide internet via a cable to the router of your line and of course a power supply. The equipment has a negligible impact on the use of internet speed in the installation area of ​​the webcam, while providing continuous video streams.

Total price: 200.00 euros.


Also, if you want to broadcast an event or an event on the internet, our partners at Do IT Corfu solutions offer a package with a Webcam configured to broadcast live on youtube 24 hours a day and create your own channel on the YouTube platform if you do not already have .

Total price: 250.00 euros.

The price includes the equipment and installation of a camera that will be up to about 15 meters from the router of your internet connection. For longer distances and wireless cameras, a separate study can be done by appointment.

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